GUTMAN IRG round slings

GUTMAN IRG round sling configurations consist of round sling branches, which are affixed on one end to a master link, with some type of attachment, usually a hook, affixed to the opposite end. A durable metal tag is attached to the sling to identify the grade, type, working load limit (at a specific angle of lift) and registration number of the sling. Round Slings are manufactured according to EN 1492-2:2000 from 100% polyester. The outer cover is a seamless polyester sleeve of double thickness construction and has an excellent abrasion resistance. The core consists of a continuous hank of high tenacity polyester yarn (see illustration) which is immensely strong and durable. Due to the parallel fibres in the core (see illustration), the stretch experienced with a roundsling is less than 3% at the safe working load, which eliminates dangerous dancing experienced with some slings.


  • Lighter than chain or wire rope - less likely to cause injury if left swinging from crane.
  • Less weight
  • Mechanically assembled
  • Can be manufactured to your specifications
  • Can be repaired, proof tested and recertified
  • No hidden corrosion - can be easily checked by eye for damage - if it looks all right, it is all right.
  • Does not weaken with age.
  • Ability to absorb shocks.