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GLE Chain Hoist

Gutman manual chain hoists (Flaschenzug) are characterized by their long lifespan, enhanced safety, and excellent reliability. They are portable lifting devices that can be operated simply with a manual chain. They are particularly advantageous in situations where lifting loads is required and there is no possibility of power connection.

The chain hoist is used for vertical lifting and lowering of loads that do not exceed the specified maximum capacity. When combined with a geared trolley, the manual chain hoist can also be used for horizontal movement of loads.


TypeWLL (kg)Standard lift (m)
TypeWLL (kg)Standard lift (m)
GLE 5005003
GLE 100010003
GLE 200020003
GLE 300030003
GLE 500050003
GLE 10000100003
GLE 20000200003

GLE Dimensions 1.

TypeA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)
TypeA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)
GLE 50012511325522
GLE 100014712630630
GLE 200018314136833
GLE 300018314148638
GLE 500021516361647
GLE 1000040416375055
GLE 20000595191100071

GLE Dimensions 2.

TypeNo.of falls of load chainLoad chain diameter(mm)Weight (kg)
TypeNo.of falls of load chainLoad chain diameter(mm)Weight (kg)
GLE 500169
GLE 10001611.5
GLE 20002816
GLE 30002827
GLE 500021043
GLE 1000041075
GLE 20000810185

All major components of a chain hoist are made of hardened steel, which gives the following five key properties to the structure and use of the hoist:

  • Safety and reliability of use.

  • Long service life with minimal maintenance.

  • High performance with low force output.

  • Light weight, easy to handle.

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance, small dimensions