Product type:

KFE Mechanical Jack

The rack and pinion hoist, often known as a "lever hoist" or "ratchet lever hoist," is designed based on the mechanical force transmission principle. It is one of the most versatile tools for lifting and supporting tasks. The lifting and lowering speed can be regulated. The structure is made of high-quality steel, ensuring safety and durability. Its compact design and foldable handle allow for easy handling and maintenance. It has two applicable load-bearing surfaces.

It eliminates the issue found in traditional hydraulic lifts, where the lowering height and speed become uncontrollable if there is oil leakage. Additionally, the rack and pinion hoist achieves much greater lifting height.


TypeWLL (kg)C (mm)D (mm)
TypeWLL (kg)C (mm)D (mm)
KFE 1,51500600-90060-360
KFE 33000720-109070-425
KFE 55000737-109587-445
KFE 1010000794-1175100-481
KFE 1616000830-1130115-425
KFE 2020000880-1180115-425

KFE Dimensions 1.

TypeLifting height (mm)Weight (kg)E (mm)
TypeLifting height (mm)Weight (kg)E (mm)
KFE 1,530010.755
KFE 330018.954
KFE 530031.6263
KFE 1030052.6471
KFE 1640064.585
KFE 204007285

KFE Dimensions 2.

TypeA (mm)F (mm)B (mm)G (mm)
TypeA (mm)F (mm)B (mm)G (mm)
KFE 1,57710110102
KFE 38345130165
KFE 510564170202
KFE 1012374173220
KFE 1613585150182
KFE 2013585150182

Rack and pinion hoists are versatile tools used for lifting, lowering, and tensioning loads under normal working conditions. The stable position of the load is ensured by the lowering brake and the locking mechanism with a forced connection to the hoist's operating lever. It can only be operated with the operating lever.

Due to the size of the operating force, the use of a rack and pinion hoist requires the presence of two people.