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KITO ER2 Electric Chain Hoist With Hook Suspension

Engineered to perform in the industry’s toughest applications and most extreme conditions

KITO’s high performance ER2 Electric Chain Hoist Series are striving for the first place in the industry when it comes to safety, longevity and maintenance. The ER2 is characterized, in particular, by its high product spectrum, offering the customer an array of choices. Load capacities from 125 kg up to 20 t cover a wide range of applications. Its versatility, from the hook version to the plain trolley up to 5 t and the use of a geared or electric trolley up to 20 t, distinguishes this model as a universal hoist. This is further underlined by the special twin hook version and the variant with an extra-short headroom height. Because of its easy handling, the ER2 is used in almost all sectors, including the paper industry, in shipyards, foundries, and on major construction sites.




WLL: 125kg - 500kg

Capacity (kg)125250250500500
Lifting motor output (kW)0.560.560.90.560.9
Lifting speed (50Hz, m/min)
Chain size (mm)4,3x12,04,3x12,06,0x16,86,0x16,86,0x16,8
Chain falls11111
Headroom (mm)350350370370370
Net weight with chain (kg)2727373337
+1m additional lift weight (kg)


WLL: 1000kg - 2000kg

Capacity (kg)10001000160020002000
Lifting motor output (kW)
Lifting speed (50Hz, m/min)
Chain size (mm)7,7x21,57,7x21,510,2x28,510,2x28,510,2x28,5
Chain falls11111
Headroom (mm)430430510575590
Net weight with chain (kg)4754727391
+1m additional lift weight (kg)


WLL: 2500kg - 20000kg

Capacity (kg)250032005000100001500020000
Lifting motor output (kW),5x23,5x23,5x2
Lifting speed (50Hz, m/min)
Chain size (mm)10,2x28,510,2x28,511,2x31,311,2x31,311,2x31,311,2x31,3
Chain falls122466
Headroom (mm)625785850137015951710
Net weight with chain (kg)104107132303404476
+1m additional lift weight (kg)

In its development of the ER2, KITO has focused on functionality. This means that, without any superficial gimmicks, the robust and solidly constructed hoist, with pioneering inverter technology or with 24-V contactor control, is able to perform its tasks with ease. The production depth offers a further advantage to customers as it guarantees them a high degree of security. Well over 70 % of all the parts we use come from our own production. An important component of this production depth is the load chain, which differs appreciably from that of its competitors. KITO is the only manufacturer in the world to nickel-plate its load chain. The advantage of this process is that no hydrogen embrittlement occurs as a result of the permeability of the nickel surface to hydrogen molecules. Because of its special properties, nickel is particularly well suited as a surface coating for many applications. This makes the range of applications for this electric chain hoist unparalleled: its advantages ensure that this hoist is even ideal for operations where aggressive media have to be handled.

Product advantages

Enhanced safety und positioning accuracy with the pioneering inverter technology or with 24-V control control

High FEM classification: M6/3m for capacities up to 500 kg and 2 speeds (dual speed)

Extremely strong and wear-resistant nickel-plated KITO load chain

Extended life and reduced operating costs

Coverage of a variety of lifting capacities

Suited to a wide range of applications

Highly user-friendly

High-performance even under harsh conditions

Efficient load handling and precise brake control

Smooth operation


Capacity with Dual Speed (with frequency inverter) / with Single Speed (with contactor control) 125 kg – 20 t

Standard Lifting Height 3 m

Low-maintenance and easy-operation frequency inverter for 2 lifting speeds for an exact positioning of the load

Contactor control for single speed

Robust Aluminium die-cast body for a higher heat dissipation of the frequency inverter

400 V / 50 Hz / 3P

Electromagnetic brake: improved performance and safety

Carbon friction clutch: an overload protection which interrupts the transmission power from the motor in case the hoist is overloaded, protecting both you and the hoist

Upper-Lower Limit Switch: turns the motor off when the highest or lowest points have been reached

Newly developed load sheave: smooth and low-noise operation

Counter hour meter with integrated frequency inverter

Gearbox: Helical gears offer a smooth and quiet operation

Ergonomic and user-friendly push button control (Protection Class IP 65)

Plastic or canvas chain container

Thermal motor protector

Top hook suspension: hook or overhead mounting suspension can be attached or dismantled with very little effort (except for F-body)

Forged bottom hook: um 360 ° pivotable, eliminates twisting of the load chain

Upgraded annealing process of the nickel-plated load chain (class DAT in accordance with standard EN 818-7) with high strength (800 N/mm2) ensures ultimate resistance and durability