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PODEM Monorail Low Headroom Hoist M 2/1 LC 8t and M 4/1 LC 16t

Podemcrane is a trusted crane component supplier with developed worldwide distribution. We provide reliable hoisting and other crane components for most industries. Podemcrane has 60 years of experience in development and production of wire rope hoists. It is the biggest manufacturer of electrical wire rope hoists in Central and Eastern Europe.

TypeCapacity (t)Lifting height (m)Height (C) (mm)Weight (kg)Rope diameter (mm) Lifting Speed (V1) (m/min)Lifting speed (V2) (m/min)Rope fallsFEM/ISO Category
TypeCapacity (t)Lifting height (m)Height (C) (mm)Weight (kg)Rope diameter (mm) Lifting Speed (V1) (m/min)Lifting speed (V2) (m/min)Rope fallsFEM/ISO Category
M640 H12 8/2,681210601237158/2,6-2/12m/M5
M640 H17 8/2,681710601309158/2,6-2/12m/M5
M640 H24 8/2,682410601429158/2,6-2/12m/M5
M640 H31 8/2,683110601558158/2,6-2/12m/M5
M640 H8,5 4/1168.59951544154/1-4/12m/M5
M640 H12 84/116129951659154/1-4/12m/M5
M640 H15,5 4/11615.59951775154/1-4/12m/M5


Highest possible reliability levels offered in the industry

Operational safety

Long life

Excellent price/performance ratio

Easy maintenance

Low service costs

Standard Features for Podem Wire Rope Hoists:

Two speed pole changing hoisting motor with build-in DC brake

Travel motors with build-in DC brake. Two speed pole-changing motor up to 20 t, VFD above 20 t.

Galvanized steel rope


Standard power supply: 380-400 V / 50 Hz

Control voltage: 48 V

Motor protection IP55

Low voltage electrical panel with transformer and On/Off contactor

Push button pendant (6 buttons)

Motor insulation class F

Up/down hook limit switch

Rotating hook with safety latch

Standard packing

Wire Rope Hoist Documentation:

CE declaration of conformity

Wire rope certificate

Hook certificate

Hoist user manual

Set of electrical diagrams

Rotated hook with safety latch

Standard packing