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Ratchet Straps 2 Pieces with Hook

pes Lashing

Type webbing widthLC Diagonal lashingSTF Lashing Down
Type webbing widthLC Diagonal lashingSTF Lashing Down
HI-25/0.5 hh25 mm 500 daN 100 daN
HI-35/1 hh35 mm 1.000 daN 150 daN
HI-50/2 hh50 mm 2.000 daN 280 daN
HI-50/2.5 hh50 mm 2.500 daN 300 daN
HI-50/2.5 hh ERGO50 mm 2.500 daN 500 daN
HI-75/5 hh75 mm 4.500 daN 500 daN

Ratchet Straps

LC (Lashing capacity): Maximum allowable tension in the strap with SF 1:3 to the minimum break strength of the webbing

STF (Standard Tension Force): The standard tension force is the force created by the SHF and transferred to the webbing. This value is strictly used for Tie Down Lashing.

  • Used for securing/lashing and fastening loads.

  • All our ratchets conform to EN12195-2:2001 safety performance requirements.

  • Quick release mechanism for easy use.

  • Produced from 100% polyester material.

  • Available in 4m, 6m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m lengths.

  • Available in different colors.

  • Webbing part only and Ratchet handle only options are available.

  • Supplied with ‘J’ hooks in all lengths 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m.

  • Each part of the lashing assembly is marked with manufacturers mark, size, length and ID mark.

  • Individual certification can be supplied.

  • All our Ratchets are measured from bearing point to bearing point